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FOI request form

Please use this form to request information from the Information Rights and Compliance Team, alternatively you can email your request to hpft.foi@nhs.net

Before you make your request, you may wish to first check our Publication Scheme and why not take a look at our Disclosure Log to see the information already requested, we may have already published the information you are looking for.

Once you have submitted this form you will receive confirmation that we have received your request. A member of the Information Rights and Compliance Team will provide the information in due course.

Details of request: Please provide as much detail as possible of the information you require. This will assist us in processing your request quickly and efficiently. If you have some idea where the information you want is located, please let us know. We may contact you for further information if your request is unclear. Details of information required
Preferred format * Please indicate which format you would like to receive the Freedom of Information response by selecting the appropriate box below.

Your reference number for this form is: HPFT-C 624868

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