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Sending sensitive information by email

At HPFT we are committed to ensuring sensitive information about our service users and partnership organisations is protected.  We are now using Zivver, a secure digital communications platform, to send emails, exchange files and information. Zivver ensures that confidential information is delivered securely and encrypted. You can be certain that only the recipient, can read this information.

A secure message will be sent via a regular email. This email will contain a link to a secure domain. In order to read the message you will be prompted to enter an SMS code or access code. If the message is secured with an access code, you will receive this code from the recipient in a separate message (for example by phone, personally, or in a letter).

It is very important that you immediately inform us of changes in your contact details, including email address or mobile phone number. That way, we can keep communicating securely with you. Please inform your contact within HPFT when such changes occur.

For more information about Zivver, please go to www.zivver.nl. or support.zivver.com

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