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Online self-assessment

Online self-assessment to support your journey

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Censeo (by Psyomics) has been introduced within HPFT to support you in your journey with us. This allows you to tell us in your own words why you are seeking help right at the start. This has been made available to our adult community service users allowing you to describe your situation in your own words right from the start. The report gives your care team a detailed picture to help support your needs.

Completing the Censeo assessment is optional but can provide helpful information to tailor your care. If you choose not to complete it, your journey with HPFT will continue and you will receive the support you need. However, completing the assessment may reduce the need to repeat your story to multiple times.

Once you have been referred into HPFT and screened by Single Point of Access (SPA) you may automatically be sent a secure URL link to your mobile phone to complete the optional online in-depth mental health assessment tool. Not all our service users will receive this link, it will be dependent on your symptoms and the support you require.

The URL link can be accessed and completed using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The assessment will guide you through a series of questions (adapted to your answers) to help build a detailed picture of your mental health symptoms and concerns.

Once complete, a report is sent to SPA colleagues to help with the triage and onward referral process. If you have any questions about the assessment, please speak to SPA or your care team.

Service users who have completed the assessment so far have said:

“I am very grateful this exists.”

“It was an easy and simple assessment.”

“It has covered a lot of bases I maybe wouldn’t have thought of myself.”

A clinical advisor in SPA said:

“We are here to make patients’ lives better, Censeo is actually doing this and preventing patients from re-telling their story and being triggered. I like it.”

Privacy notices

To find out more information about how your data is used, please view the HPFT information and privacy section of our website here or for the Censeo privacy notice, please click here.


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