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Dialog and other patient reported outcome measures

Collecting Service User Reported Outcomes (Questionnaires) across Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) to improve the quality of care.

At HPFT, our aim is to offer the best care to our service users and carers. As part of this, the Trust is introducing new ways of capturing outcome information through asking you, our service users, to complete questionnaires electronically wherever possible and whenever agreed. This means you now have the option to complete these questionnaires from your own mobile/tablet/computers at your own leisure, using the link provided via a text message or email.

What are the questionnaires for?
The outcome information reported by you and collected through these questionnaires, can enable you to assess your quality of life and wellbeing at a specific point in time. This means you can compare it with previous points in time to determine if your quality of life and wellbeing is generally improving. The completed questionnaires received, together with other information, will help you and your clinical team make decisions about your care and support plan.

When will service users receive these questionnaires?
At various times during your treatment, you will receive text messages (from sender ‘HPFT NHS’) or email from the Trust, offering you the opportunity to complete these questionnaires electronically. If you are unable to receive or respond to electronic messages, you will be able to complete the questionnaires at your appointments or somebody of your choice can support you in completing them. Please see sample text message below:

Some of the questionnaires may be ones you have completed before, or they may be questionnaires that you have never seen before. The responses you share about how you are feeling right now, will help us to work together to get a better understanding of your strengths and difficulties, and how we can best support you going forward.

Who completes them?
The outcome questionnaires have been specifically designed for service users. They ask about different areas of your life, including different symptoms of mental health that you may be experiencing.

Why use outcome measures in the first place?

There are many benefits for service users, carers and clinical staff, some of which are:

  • Offering an additional way to collect information about the experiences that service users and carers may come across
  • Enabling staff, service users and carers to make decisions together
  • Offering service users and carers the basis to make informed choices about their care or the people they support
  • Providing information to improve the quality and effectiveness of the service offered
  • Helping to transform our services at a national level by contributing to good clinical practice.

If you choose not to participate in completing the questionnaires online, please click on the ‘opt-out’ link that will be shared with you.

If you are unable to complete the questionnaires, or feel you need support to do so, please talk to your clinician at your next appointment.

We look forward to working together with you and supporting you with an improved quality of care.

Some key points to keep in mind when completing these questionnaires:

  • We will never ask for patient identifiable information like ‘Name, Date of birth, Address, Bank details etc. as part of the service user and carer outcomes (your questionnaires).
  • Responses submitted will not be seen immediately, so if you require urgent support, please contact 0800-6444-101 or view our webpage on https://www.hpft.nhs.uk/get-help/
  • Download a copy of the Dialog leaflet.



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