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3.3 Bipolar disorder and mania

Drugs for mania and hypomania

See NICE Bipolar disorder: assessment and management CG185

Antimanic drugs and mood stabilisers Preparations Comments


5mg and 10mg tablets

NOT approved.

Note: Different bioavailability of lithium preparations. Take care when changing from lithium carbonate tablets to lithium citrate liquid and vice versa.
Lithium carbonate (Tabs)

Priadel®200mg and 400mg MR tablets

Lithium Carbonate 250mg tablets (formally known as Camcolit® 250mg tablets)

Camcolit® 400mg MR tablets Liskonium® 450mg MR tablets

Prescribe by brand name and strength. Initiate with Priadel®. Service users who have been initiated on another brand should continue on the same brand.


Lithium citrate (Liquids) Priadel® 520mg/5ml oral liquid Li-Liquid® 509mg/5ml and 1.018g/5ml oral solution Prescribe by brand name & strength. Priadel® liquid 5ml dose = 204mg lithium carbonate Li-Liquid® 5ml dose of 509mg/5ml is equivalent to 200mg lithium carbonate
Valproic acid (as semisodium valproate) 250mg and 500mg tablets (Depakote®) See also sodium valproate under section 2. Valproate should not be used in female children, in female adolescents, in women of childbearing potential and in pregnant women unless other treatments are ineffective or not tolerated. Women of childbearing potential must use effective contraception during treatment and the risks of taking valproate during pregnancy should be explained. See MHRA Drug Safety Update
Sodium valproate See section 2 for details of available preparations  
Aripiprazole See section 3.6 for details of available preparations Prescribing responsibility to remain with HPFT when prescribed in line with NICE TA 292 - Aripiprazole for treating moderate to severe manic episodes in adolescents with bipolar I disorder.
Lamotrigine See section 2 for details of available preparations  


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