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Medicines Formulary

The Trust's medicines formulary is a list of medicines that have been approved for use within the Trust.

The aim of this formulary is to promote safe, rational and cost-effective prescribing within the Trust and wider health economy. This formulary comprises of a list of medicines and their respective formulations that have been approved for use by the HPFT Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC), or have been routinely prescribed in psychiatry over many years. All drug treatments initiated for service users within HPFT should be selected from this prescribing list. Recommendations made to GPs for prescribing in primary care should also be from this list unless indicated not suitable for primary care prescribing. These preparations are highlighted in red.

This formulary is intended as a quick reference source for prescribers who have the experience to understand and interpret the information it provides. It does not intend to provide full prescribing information or guidance and appropriate sources should be consulted for this. The DTC will be responsible for the decisions around the drug choices that appear in this formulary. The Area Prescribing Committee (APC) will be asked to further ratify decisions on drugs that are considered appropriate for primary care prescribing. The Medicines Management Team will update the formulary accordingly and will be available on HPFT website.

Adherence to the Trust Formulary will be monitored and fed back to clinical teams and DTC.

Some patients may already be stabilised on non-formulary medications and it is not intended for these patients to be changed to formulary choices unless appropriate to do so. Formulary recommendations are for new patients.

For any queries relating to the medicines formulary please e-mail hpft.medsmanagement@nhs.net

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