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Adult Community Mental Health Services

Adult Community Mental Health Services work with service users within a model of care that aids recovery and enables them to return to their full potential in day to day life.

The service use a recovery based approach for 18-65 year olds. Service users with non-psychotic disorders including Personality Disorder and Neuro-Developmental disorders have their needs met by the Support and Treatment Team (STT) whilst those with a psychotic or mood disorder are seen by the Targeted Treatment Team (TTT).

The teams are multidisciplinary teams consisting of community nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, vocational and employment psychotherapists, specialist personality disorder workers, drama and art therapists

The STT and TTT Community Services provide services in four areas of the county:

  • North West quadrant
  • South West quadrant
  • East and South East quadrant
  • North quadrant


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