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Some feedback from the friends and families we support

"This is my first session. Wow, not alone anymore! Sorry I talked too much, but the “group therapy” was/is so helpful! I look forward to the next session."

"It’s great to come to these meetings to talk with virtual strangers who know what you’re going through as they’re in the same situation, as others never fully understand. Also for me, personally it’s a little respite in itself to get away from the home situation, although ironically, that’s what we talk about."

"As anorexia is an illness that affects the whole family, it is really important that family members of sufferers have support as well as those that are ill themselves. This group offers the chance to meet other parents/carers in an informal and friendly atmosphere and discuss shared concerns."

"I have found the group really helpful. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to go, as I was feeling guilty that somehow my daughter’s eating disorder was my fault and I couldn’t face seeing people and having to justify myself. It is great to talk with people who really understand how I feel and offer support. Not necessarily solutions, but the support and understanding of other parents I can’t find anywhere else."

"We find that attending the group helps us to focus on helping our daughter recover and the support we receive from other parents and carers is fantastic."

"I have been a member of this group for a year now and from the beginning it was really supportive to share our experiences. People are always good listeners and we do not feel alone anymore. In fact apart from a phone call from S and a few meetings with L it was the only support I’ve had and it was just fine. In summary it was a very well balanced group with good facilitators."

"It’s good to meet others in the same position, I don’t feel so alone. Also the experiences of others are helpful to gauge progress of our daughter. Also useful as an information source i.e. I attended a symposium of Maudsley presented by Janet Treasure which I found helpful; this information I had from this group."

“I will probably attend the carer’s family and friends group. Everyone in the team is fantastic!”

After having received help applying for a carers grant after a carers assessment, here are what some of the carers have said:

“That is wonderful news, I still hardly believe it has all been possible. Thank you so much, it is a precious sum of money and I shall seek advice to spend it wisely.”

“I received the cheque today and just wanted to thank you very much for organising this. I do appreciate all your help and advice.”

“Thank you very much for all the hard work you did for me. I appreciate so much having your help and support.”

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