Conor is a Physical Health Nurse working in Forensics.

Connor Physical health Nurse

When Conor was 16, his older brother was involved in a road traffic accident where he acquired a serious brain injury. It completely changed him as a person and Conor wanted to understand what it was that made him change. That is where his interest in neuro psychiatry came from. Whilst he was a student he went on a forensic placement and thoroughly enjoyed that, so he went into forensic nursing as a career. He did a mental health nursing degree.

Conor started working in the rehabilitation service at HPFT and then moved to the forensics team where he works as physical health nurse supporting service users struggling with their mental health. His role involves supporting staff and service users and ensuring the ward is safe and running properly.

He describes the role as challenging yet rewarding and he recalls how the covid pandemic, despite being tough, really brought the team together and against the odds, they managed to provide a safe and effective service throughout.

Conor says: “I love my job. I see it as a vocation. Every day is different and you never know what you are walking in the door too. It is challenging but rewarding and I get a lot of job satisfaction which is really important.”