As an integrated health and social care Trust, social work plays a crucial role in the services we provide; supporting service users, and their families, helping them to lead fulfilling and independent lives, and working to put the right support in place for each individual.

Our social workers are involved in service delivery across HPFT – in standalone roles, wider care coordination activities and in other practice areas. We work in various community mental health services, inpatient and rehab teams, wellbeing teams, crisis services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, services for older people, and other specialist teams.

In order to deliver excellent social work practice, our staff need to be able to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and professional leadership attributes in a supportive and supported environment.

We do this by offering excellent learning, development and CPD opportunities to all our staff, including our own mandatory training programme, special learning events and training days, and full access to our local authority (Hertfordshire County Council) partner’s social care training programme. Other CPD opportunities include next steps in practice educating, and the Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) role.

We make sure that all of our social workers receive professional supervision from a registered social worker, alongside additional opportunities to attend group supervision and peer-led reflective groups.

All newly qualified social workers beginning their career with us will undertake the ‘assessed and supported year in employment’ (ASYE) programme. This is a 12 month, employer led scheme, which supports candidates and helps them develop their skills, knowledge and professional competence.

Wherever you are on your career path, we will offer you excellent support, development and working opportunities – helping you develop your professional competence and confidence in practice, underpinned by both social work values and ethics and the Trust’s own values.

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‘At every stage of my career I had a supportive supervisor and line manager who was interested in my development…I find that having a strong PDP which is produced collaboratively is the way to keep the momentum going.’


‘My first qualified job was as a Band 5 social worker in HPFT. I moved to a Band 6 and am now seconded into a Band 7 role which I’m hoping will soon be made permanent. I feel HPFT is very good at giving people promotions on merit and working hard; not necessarily on how long you’ve been in the job or how old you are.’