Charity Chitauro is an Interim Modern Matron at the Eric Shepherd Forensic Services and began her career at HPFT in 2003.

Tell us a bit about your role: ‘At the moment I’m an interim modern matron covering two services, at Warren Court and 4 Bowlers’ Green, but I’ve worked in a number of different nursing roles at the Trust.

I’m responsible for making sure the services run smoothly and that we continue to improve our standards of care. I work alongside carers and service users so that we provide a high quality, patient-focused service. I help staff to meet patient needs and I am responsible for managing safeguarding and resolving any issues with patients and carers.

This role became available unexpectedly – but the opportunity to step up and get experience at the next level of management was too good to ignore.’

How have your found the role:’ It’s been really great. I have a number of people above me who provide support, both formal and informal, and that’s been really useful. They’ve helped me to identify training and learning opportunities and have flagged up external courses and events of interest. I meet with them regularly and they provide really supportive feedback, as well as enabling me to reflect on my own practice and management performance.

There are also valuable support and development opportunities within HPFT. It’s helped me to identify my goals, look at my strengths and what motivates me, and align that with the Trust’s vision. There’s been plenty of opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.’

What’s it like working at HPFT? ‘It’s a good organisation. We have excellent systems in place to make sure high-quality care is given in a structured and professional way and focused on the needs of the service user. We work closely with patients, carers and the staff team to make sure that we are providing the best care.

I really do feel we are making a difference to the lives of our service users. It’s so fulfilling to see them improve along their care pathways and that gives me a real sense of satisfaction.’

What next for you Charity? ‘I don’t know how long this interim role will last but I’m getting as much from the experience as I can.  Whatever I do next I’ll be fully committed and looking for opportunities to make the service run as efficiently as possible.’