Meet Jamila, a newly qualified Learning Disabilities Nurse who has been working at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust for several months, after graduating from University of Hertfordshire with her degree in Learning Disability Nursing.

 Jamila works with people with mild to moderate learning disabilities who are experiencing mental health problems and sometimes physical health problems as well - they are often on the Autistic Spectrum. She said: “I decided to go into nursing as I love caring for others. People with learning disabilities need extra support as they face a lot of challenges and experience health inequalities. In my role I have the opportunity to work together with them to find health services which are suitable for them.

“I was inspired to become a nurse by Florence Nightingale and originally intended to train as an adult nurse. I think Learning Disability nursing is the best place to be, especially if you like to support people to overcome discrimination and ensure their basic needs are met, so that they can reach their full potential.

“I have faced struggles in my own life, but these are nothing when compared with the struggles faced by people with learning disabilities. I’d like to be a role model for other people, by telling them that anything is possible if you work hard to achieve it.”