For me, being a mental health nurse provides a unique opportunity to show empathy and understanding by spending quality time with people who may otherwise feel they are not listened to. Since I was a child, my parents have always said how kind and compassionate I was, and I am lucky that empathy and understanding come naturally to me. This is what inspired me to begin my journey as a qualified mental health nurse in Hertfordshire. Since then, I have been privileged to work in and lead both inpatient and community mental health services.

When you qualify as a mental health nurse, it is like receiving a passport that enables you to travel to places and make a difference to someone’s life. The job satisfaction, as well as making a difference to our society, is arguably the best reward for what we do, and I think it is the main reason why people are motivated to study for and take on this important role.

Working in HPFT, I have been privileged to be supported throughout my career, both from an academic and a clinical perspective, and I have relished the opportunities I have had to develop and excel. As a female from an Indian background who is now working as a Deputy Director of Nursing, the support I have enjoyed is a shining example of how good HPFT is at embracing inclusion and diversity.

I am proud to be a mental health nurse every day. It is always nice to hear the positive responses that I get from others when I tell them what I do. My job has changed my life, and I hope the lives of others too.