Georgia is a physical health team nurse and previously worked as a charge nurse on the Acute Assessment Unit.

Georgia Physical Health Team Nurse

During her role as a charge nurse she became interested in physical health, as physical health and mental health go hand in hand. An opportunity came up within the physical health team and she thought this would be a good opportunity to expand her knowledge and try and support mental health service users in a different way.

Georgia comes from a family of nurses and it was something she was interested in. Her mum encouraged her and she went to the University of Nottingham where she was awarded a degree in Mental Health Nursing. She then started her role at HPFT.

Georgia describes her daily routine as varied and changes every day. She covers the whole Trust and her duties include providing training to staff, reviewing service users with any physical health concerns, health promotion and optimising the health of service users, alongside giving general advice and support where she can.

Georgia says:

“Working in mental health can be a really positive experience and you can build really lovely rapports with service users. You see them at the hardest time of their lives and then you see the positive times afterwards when they get better. It is a really nice feeling to support them and get them to a place where they are feeling well. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”