Sara previously worked as a learning disability nurse and decided to branch out into mental health nursing. She loves her role on the mother and baby unit.

She enjoys working with the mums and babies, helping mums to bond with their babies which can be difficult after they have given birth. She encourages the mums to try and think for themselves as this can be quite challenging when they are struggling with conditions such as depression. Her role is to encourage them to come out of their bedrooms and do things together with them and provide reassurance that she is there to support them.

Sara loves the team that she works with on the unit. She says:

“We have a great and happy team, so this makes a real difference. It is important to be positive in the workplace particularly when we are working in mental health, and I am always happy when I come to work. HPFT also offers lots of opportunities for career progression which is great. I love doing what I am doing- it is a joy to come to work.”