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Celebrating the diversity of pharmacist roles at HPFT for World Pharmacist Day 2023

28 Sep 23

This week, we celebrated World Pharmacist Day. What comes to mind when you think about the role of a pharmacist?

The typical picture is often of an individual who dispenses medication in a pharmacy, however, there are many roles that exist thanks to additions like technology and innovations in medicine, bespoke medication services and specialised feedback from service users for improvement. This World Pharmacist Day we are highlighting the range of pharmacy roles which exist within HPFT and talking about the diversity of the role beyond pharmacy shop counters.


Digital Transformation with Pharmacist, Denusha

HPFT focuses on digital innovation and using technology to enhance services. These innovative techniques have helped shape the role of pharmacists to deliver better services for service users in our care, specifically for inpatients.

Denusha works as a pharmacist leading Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) within HPFT and actively helps to improve service user care through technology advances.

ePMA is a system which prevents prescribing errors, stores patient medication history and flags any concerns like allergies in patients from specific medications. All patient medication and history is stored in the system which makes rounds in the wards efficient and safer. Denusha’s role not only moves beyond the traditional role of reviewing and prescribing, but she is also actively works towards creating a safer and more efficient environment for inpatients, prescribers, nurses and pharmacists.


Holistic Approach to Pharmacy with Pharmacist Paulami

Paulami works as a primary and secondary care pharmacist and helps to support service users with their medications by advising prescribers and counselling service users. Her active role in both counselling and advising with medication gives her a more holistic view of the patients’ needs. Having been involved in the various stages of care and support, Paulami has in-depth understanding of the types of medications required for prevention strategies in physical and mental health. In this role, she interacts with services users and provides training to colleagues which she thoroughly enjoys.


Bespoke Medication Services and Management.

Pharmacists in HPFT do not only dispense prescribed medication. The concept of providing bespoke medication training through service user feedback is becoming more common in our services. Pharmacists like Lesley and Prina monitor medication to provide the best clinical outcomes by using service user feedback and understanding their views and preferences. Lesley is also involved in pharmacy governance systems and processes to help provide a safe environment for both service users and team members.

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