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HPFT offers students work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

16 Aug 23

Students across the the country are receiving their A-level results and GCSE results this month. While some young people may go on to university, others may choose to not go down this route. HPFT has an array of short work experience opportunities for young people aged 15 and over, offering experience working in mental health and corporate roles, lasting between one to ten days.

The Trust offers administrative, clinical and corporate work experience and there are structured programmes offering guidance and support throughout. The programmes are set up to provide young people with an insight into the areas they are interested in. For administrative and corporate work experience, young people can spend time with finance, communications, organisational development, and HR departments.

Clinical experience can be offered in social work, psychology, and nursing. For those wishing to get ‘hands on’ experience on the clinical side, there are supervised ward visits which offer an exciting opportunity for young people to see how frontline clinical staff operate.

Students and young people, aged 18 and over, wishing to study and work at the same time, can apply for an apprenticeship instead of work experience. An apprenticeship is an offer which allows the individual to ‘learn and work’ whilst also being paid. For more information on the type of apprenticeships on offer visit: Apprenticeships (hpft.nhs.uk)


For more information about work experience email: hpft.workexperiencehpft@nhs.net or barbara.delgaudio@nhs.net


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