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#NHSbookclub is Back!

15 Apr 21

The book: Rebel Ideas, The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed

The book club will take place via a twitter chat and is open to anyone – not just HPFT or NHS employees.

Please try to read the book whether it is a chapter, a few chapters or the whole book.

Date: Tuesday 18 May 2021, 7-8pm

Join in via Twitter: @HPFT_NHS

With our third book club, we want to encourage a lively conversation about diverse thinking and listen to people’s thoughts, experiences and ideas especially in relation to the NHS and HPFT in particular.

About the book

The book is about the power of diversity, thinking about back ground and ethnicity is a part of it but focuses on a much broader argument of how diversity of thought, perspective, insight and experience can radically inform the way we think about problems as teams, as organisations, and as society.

This book breaks down the resistance to diversity but also explains where it matters and how it matters.

Where do the best ideas come from?

And how do we apply these ideas to the problems we face - at work, in the education of our children, and in the biggest shared challenges of our age: rising obesity, terrorism and climate change?

In this book, Matthew Syed argues that individual intelligence is no longer enough; that the only way to tackle these complex problems is to harness the power of our 'cognitive diversity'.

Rebel Ideas is a fascinating journey through the science of team performance. It draws on psychology, economics, anthropology and genetics, and takes lessons from a dazzling range of case-studies, including the catastrophic intelligence failings of the CIA before 9/11, a communication breakdown at the top of Mount Everest, and a moving tale of deradicalisation in America's deep South.

It is book that will strengthen any company, institution or team, but it also offers many individual applications too: the remarkable benefits of personalised nutrition, advice on how to break free of the echo chambers that surround us, and tips on how we can all develop an 'outsider mindset'.

Rebel Ideas offers a radical blueprint for creative problem-solving. It challenges hierarchies, encourages constructive dissent and forces us to think again about where the best ideas come from.

About the author

Matthew Syed is a bestselling author and an influential thinker. He draws on a vast array of case studies and real-world examples looking at the inside story of how success really happens - and how we cannot grow unless we are prepared to learn from our mistakes.

In his previous career, Matthew was the former England table tennis number one for almost a decade. Nowadays Matthew is a multi-award-winning journalist for The Times, a highly-acclaimed speaker, and a regular contributor to radio and television.

About the hosts

This book club is being hosted by:

Dr Jane Padmore, Executive Director of Quality and Safety (Chief Nurse)

Anne Hunt, Head of Nursing Physical Health and Education.

Anne said “Rebel Ideas really resonated with me from the start, thinking about the trust’s response to the pandemic and my role in the organisation. The importance of psychological safety, appreciation of different perspectives & true collaboration has been vital to delivering safe care for our service users in mental health and learning disability settings.”

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