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Simulation Hub Facility Launched!

24 Sep 21

“I’ve been nursing for 20 years, but this is how you learn.”

On Monday 21 September, HPFT launched an innovative training facility, a Simulation Hub which places staff in an environment accurate to scenarios they would face in real life (whether on ward or in the community) alongside trained actors who take on the roles of service users. The training provides staff with a safe, judgement-free, practical space that is almost identical to the working environment, recreating the kinds of challenges that can occur in normal day-to-day work.

Deputy Chief Executive Karen Taylor, said:

“The Simulation Hub is a fantastic example of how we put learning and safety at the heart of everything we do.  I have seen for myself how the interactive, immersive training gives our teams the space to reflect and learn together in a safe and controlled environment. I’m really excited about how this facility and approach will take our learning from incidents and training to a new level across the Trust, supporting our staff to continue to provide the best care for our service users and carers”

The Simulation Hub will help teach staff practical skills such as risk assessment and management, core psychiatry and physical health skills, whilst also coaching them to work better and communicate more effectively together.

Sandy Palfrey from the First Response Team, who took part in the interactive launch event, said:

“The acting was really realistic during this experience and replicated what you would expect in the situation we were given. It’s a really good way of learning”

The Simulation Hub, one of the only a handful in the UK, consists of multiple rooms, including clinical skills laboratories, simulation and debrief rooms, and uses the most up to date hi-fidelity cameras and mannequins. It will be an important and significant tool in learning and development for all staff across the Trust, which will result in even better care for our service users.

Dr Rakesh Magon, Deputy Medical Director said:

“The training provided by the Simulation Hub will be a valuable tool in helping healthcare staff from across a wide variety of disciplines to continue to grow, learn and evolve. I think the Simulation Hub is the start of a very exciting journey ahead that is full of enormous potential, and let’s remember this is only just the beginning”

To find out more about the Simulation Hub, please email hpft.comms@nhs.net.

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