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HPFT has launched a new Suicide Prevention Pathway pilot

24 Apr 24

From research, we know that deaths from suicide and repeat hospital presentations for suicide attempts can be reduced when a prevention pathway is implemented that combines best clinical practice, leadership commitment, evidence-based treatments as well as ongoing data collection and review. The Hertfordshire Suicide Prevention Pathway, developed and co-produced with experts by experience, will provide all of this and more, with a structured approach to care and smooth transitions for service users across our system.

The pilot will be pioneering the use of the Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events (CASE) approach in the UK as a flexible, practical, and easily learned interview method for obtaining details regarding suicidal ideation, planning, and intent.

HPFT’s research team and a team from Health Innovation East will capture the data and this will be used to improve how HPFT engages with individuals who present to Emergency Departments (ED) with suicidal ideation. As the programme is rolled out across Hertfordshire, other NHS partners and community partners can learn from this approach and support them in offering much needed help to  individuals when it is needed the most.

The new approach to suicide prevention will be piloted at Lister Hospital’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) in Stevenage and acute mental health services. The next phase will include Watford General Hospital.

The pilot will last 12 months, at which time the Suicide Prevention Pathway will be reviewed and assessed for next steps.

If you would like to learn more, please contact sharoncrawley@nhs.net

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