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National Apprenticeship Week - being an apprentice at HPFT

07 Feb 20

It's National Apprenticeship Week and we asked Chloe, who works in HPFT’s Human Resources Service to answer some questions about her apprenticeship with HPFT…

Why did you want to become an apprentice?   


After completing my A-Levels, I wanted to gain some valuable hands-on experience, which I felt that university would not be able to provide. I realised that an apprenticeship would be a great way to learn something that I was interested in, and apply this knowledge in a practical setting.


What attracted you to HPFT?

  • HPFT’s Values: Welcoming; Kind; Positive; Respectful; Professional 
  • Really friendly team / manager during my interview process
  • HPFT’s commitment to supporting apprentices with their development and career plans


What have you enjoyed about the role and What is the best thing about being an apprentice?


My apprenticeship has been a rewarding experience to me in many forms; It has raised my confidence, given me intellectual and practical skills in a broad range of HR functions, whilst giving me the opportunity to progress further with my education.


What have you learnt in your role as an apprentice?


I have learned a wealth of HR knowledge, whilst gaining qualifications and experience along the way. I have been given the opportunity to push myself and get involved with a wide variety of projects.


How do you feel that being an apprentice has helped you in your career – has it helped you find a permanent role?


My apprenticeship has definitely helped my career! I have been permanently employed with the Trust for the last 3 years, which wouldn’t have been possible without the practical experience gained during my apprenticeship.


What would you say to someone to encourage them to become an apprentice?


My apprenticeship allowed me to accelerate much more so than university could have done. I have always welcomed a challenge, and in an apprenticeship, you have the ability to gain valuable, transferable skills – whilst being part of ‘real life’ projects. I have gained so much experience, knowledge and so many skills that I will need throughout my working and social life.


Find out more about apprenticeships at HPFT here.


Huge thanks to Chloe for sharing her story. 




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