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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride: Embracing Diversity and Equality

01 Jun 23

June marks the arrival of Pride Month, where we will see our local communities coming together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.  The purpose of Pride is to raise awareness and advocate for equality, embracing diversity, and affirming the rights and identities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals.

This year's Pride Month festivities are particularly significant as they coincide with several milestones in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. Significant strides have been made over recent years, such as legalising same sex marriages and more recently Trans people being able to have their identity formally recognised through a gender recognition certificate. Pride Month serves as a reminder that the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights is far from over and that there is still work to be done to achieve true equality.

Within the Trust we have increased our focus on tackling inequalities for our service users, carers and staff.  Belonging and inclusion and achieving equity for all service users, carers and staff will be a core element within a new Trust Strategy.

Outlook, our LGBTQ+ staff network, brings our LGBTQ staff and allies together to focus on key issues impacting on the LGBTQ+ community, both within and outside of the workplace. This is alongside raising awareness, educating and supporting each other.  

Recently the Trust has undertaken research, across the Hertfordshire LGBTQ+ communities, to enable us to achieve a better understanding of the mental health needs and experiences of the local LGBTQ+ population.  This will support us in working with local LGBTQ+ communities to develop more inclusive services, that are equitable for service users and carers.

The research highlighted that:

  • mental health was the biggest health issue facing the LGBTQ+ community.
  • 53% of the respondents said they have had suicidal thoughts, with a further 15% saying “maybe”, therefore up to 68% saying they have felt vulnerable or at risk of suicide.
  • 69% of respondents said that further staff training in LGBTQ+ awareness would help achieve more inclusive services.
  • 91% of respondents said more information, advice and signposting was needed to reach the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to unify, raise their voices, and pave the way for a more inclusive society and equitable future. Within HPFT, we will stand together, celebrate, support and challenge ourselves to realise the Pride vision of equity and inclusion.

Please follow the links to the full findings and summary report.

Pride events taking place across Hertfordshire during the month of June can be found here.

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