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Powering future healthcare in Hertfordshire

17 May 24

HPFT’s Chief Strategy & Partnerships Officer, David Evans, attended the University of Hertfordshire's Festival of Ideas - an exciting showcase of innovation spanning captivating performances, exhibitions and galleries, virtual reality simulations, film screenings and much more.

David took part in a lively panel discussion alongside Professor Quintin McKellar and others about the Powering future healthcare in Hertfordshire.

David talked about how far psychiatry has come since the 1980s within England from the psychiatric wards to the innovative new methods we now use to support people with their mental health. He highlighted the current state of mental health services in the region, emphasising the increasing demand and the Trust's efforts to meet these needs. Key points included the implementation of innovative treatment programs, the importance of community-based care, and ongoing initiatives to reduce stigma associated with mental health issues.

Finally, David stressed the vital role of collaboration with local organisations, educational institutions and the community to create a robust support network for mental health across Hertfordshire. David concluded by answering questions about what HPFT are doing to aid the local population who may suffer from drug and alcohol difficulties and how HPFT work in collaboration with Change Grow Live.


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