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Dietitians Week: Recognising HPFT’s Dietitians

03 Jun 24

This week is Dietitians Week, an opportunity to celebrate the impact and value of our dietitians at HPFT.

Here, Ruth Roberts, a Specialist Dietitian in HPFT’s Community Eating Disorders Service, shares insights about the meaningful work that dietitians do for people who struggle with eating.

Eating disorder dietitians work alongside a multidisciplinary team, providing support for those struggling to establish a healthy relationship with food. This struggle can be due to many factors such as an intense fear of weight gain; anxiety; misconceptions; body dysmorphia; needing to manage emotions; and establishing control.

We work collaboratively to support each person’s recovery by:

Providing education

  • Providing psychoeducation on how the body is impacted by an eating disorder
  • Helping service users to achieve a more balanced view of food and appropriate portion size
  • Making use of evidence-based facts to challenge misconceptions and dispel myths

Challenging fears and building confidence

  • Employing creativity in order to challenge fears, rituals and ingrained unhelpful behaviours
  • Highlighting compensatory behaviours and working towards building confidence to reduce the necessity to maintain them
  • Challenging guilt-inducing food rules

Improving food intake and eating habits

  • Establishing improved nutritional intake
  • Enabling safe refeeding after periods of restriction
  • Introducing intuitive eating, which leads to increased flexibility and freedom with regards to food

Personalising care

  • Designing structured meal plans that are mindful of individual preferences
  • Taking into consideration other dietary requirements such as nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, coeliac disease, IBS, food allergies and intolerances.
  • Involving caregivers, parents or family, when appropriate, to enhance support

If you or someone you know is struggling with eating, please visit these resources:

BEAT – UK’s Eating Disorder Charity:



Online self-help workbook, information sheets and worksheets for eating disorders:



BDA (The Association of UK Dietitians) – Food Fact Sheets:



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