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HPFT’s Blue Box Project – supporting physical health in a mental health setting

16 Mar 21

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) Mental Health Services for Older People Team is driving a project which will begin to offer remote physical health care monitoring for a selected group of service users, up to 60 individuals across the county in the first phase.

The product is a Blue Box which contains Bluetooth enabled devices, such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Glucose Monitor, and a tablet which securely uploads the readings. The system will be set up with individualized thresholds for alerts by e-mail to HPFT staff, and it will transfer the readings directly to the service users electronic HPFT record.

The Blue Boxes will be given to a targeted cohort of service users supported by carers for a defined period of time as a means of routinely capturing physical health vital signs. This will assist with early detection of side effects of medication (e.g. for dementia) and other physical health issues. 

This additional monitoring of physical health parameters will allow for earlier, appropriate referral to GPs or specialist community health teams and a reduction in urgent, unplanned physical health crises. Service users will be advised to seek further review from HPFT staff for abnormal findings or seek medical attention as normal in any emergency.

Crucially, the Blue Box will provide easier and more convenient access to physical health information to enable service users, their families and carers to better support themselves at home. 

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